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Frequently Asked Questions


Could I choose/ change my start time?
No. Participants of the Priority Entry will be assigned to race in the Challenge race, while the start times of Public Ballot participants will be determined by the Organizer. Once assigned, all start times cannot be changed.

What payment solutions are available?
The Organiser accepts online payment only. Participants may make the online payment by:

    • Mastercard
    • Visa
    • UnionPay
    • Alipay
    • AlipayHK
    • WeChatPay

Runner’s Pack Collection

Could my friend collect the Runner’s Pack on my behalf?
No. All participants must pick up their Runner’s Pack in person and present their original registered identification document (i.e., HKID, passport or other Travel Document accepted), for verification purpose.

On Event Day

Could I present a digital copy of my registered ID to the official, for identification verification, at the Assembly Venue?
No. If a participant cannot present his/her original ID registered, and valid number bib, with timing chip, at the Assembly venue, or if, any discrepancies are found between the ID and the personal particulars printed on the number bib, or a participant presents the ID or number bib belongs to the others, s/he will not be allowed to enter the race venue and thus forbidden to participate in the race. No entry fee will not refunded.

If I am unable to arrive at the Assembly Venue before the entrance cut-off time of my designated start time, could I start at the next wave?
No, participants must arrive at the designated assembly point within the designated time period of each group. Latecomers will not be able to participate the race and will be disqualified, and no entry fee will be refunded.

General Information

Do I need to buy my own insurance?
Public Liability Insurance is covered by the Organiser. Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies according to their needs separately.
All participants are urged to seek medical advice of their physical condition before participating in the Event. All participants must read and complete the “Health Conditions Form and Recommendations for Runners” before the registration and the race. Participants should also understand their physical conditions may not be suitable for participating in the race. All participants who have answered a “Yes” to any of the questions on the “Health Conditions Form and Recommendations for Runners” are strongly recommended to consult for medical advice by phone or in person. Such participants should only participate at the race if their doctor advises that their physical condition is fit participate without risk.